How to Experience Gen Con When You Can’t Be There

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Gen Con 2015

If you’re like me, you are not at Gen Con right now. You’re living vicariously through whatever social media the attendees are kind enough to send our way.

While I’m not there, GeekDad is a Gen Con 2015 media partner and has a substantial contingent in the fray, so expect reports from them soon. If you want to know what the GeekDads are excited to do at Gen Con check out, “The Getting Excited for Gen Con 2015 Super-MEGA Post.” If you are still heading that way, you may be interested in what you should bring, covered in “Preparing for the Long Con.

However, what do we unfortunate souls who are everywhere but Indianapolis do? Well, you have a couple of options.


There’s GenCan’t, covered by GeekDad in 2014 and discussed again earlier this month in “Some Gen Con, Some Gen Can’t.” GenCan’t is “the unconvention for those that can’t Gen Con.” You can follow them on twitter @GenCant. Events are planned, such as the Carcassonne Solo Play Contest, and there’s also a raffle and photo contest.

“One of the fun things about Gen Con is getting your hands on the hot new games. But guess what! #GenCant attendees have a chance to get hot games (and more)… but for FREE!”

Get your GenCan’t badge while they last!

This post was born, however, from my desire to find reports from Gen Con Actual–images, live-streams, and the like. Here is what I have found so far to satisfy my desire to get a taste of Gen Con.

If you want to generate your own Gen Con swag bag, check out the GenCon merchandise at their online store.

Are you aware of any other streams coming out of Gen Con? Please post them in the comments. Many of us GenCan’t attendees would enjoy seeing them between our solo games of Carcassonne.

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