‘Stargate Atlantis’ the Complete Series for $44



I’ve always thought of the Stargate franchise as the little sci-fi universe that could. Of television science fiction franchises, it’s second only to Star Trek for total number of episodes (354, over 4 shows), and it succeeded in developing galaxy-spanning stories and more than one  overwhelmingly-scary sets of technologically-advanced villains for us puny humans to go up against. It also gave us space-MacGyver and one of the best female kick-butt science heroes TV has ever seen in Samantha Carter.

And friend-of-GeekDad David Hewlett (@dhewlett) played Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay, who was sort of a combination of Star Trek’s Scotty and Dr. Smith from Lost in Space.

All this to lead up to the fact that the franchise’s second show, Stargate Atlantis, is one of today’s Amazon Daily Deals. For just $44 thin American dollars, you can have what is basically the Stargate franchise’s Deep Space 9; the slightly darker, slightly more political series that plunked everyone down on a starbase and create a whole new universe of trouble for our heroes. It also gave us Jason Momoa.


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