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Mirror Box Games, Knapsack Games, Outer Limits Games, and Gorilla Games have partnered up for a big tabletop game giveaway! The prize package will include Chaosmos, Apotheca, Battlestations, Tau Ceti, Lifeboat, Worst Game Ever, and Knee Jerk.

To enter the contest, answer the question “Why do you play tabletop games?” for 3 entries, and follow the publishers on social media for additional entries.

A few of the games are currently on Kickstarter: I just reviewed Apotheca earlier this month. Worst Game Ever is back on Kickstarter for its first expansion; you can read my review of the original game here. I don’t know a lot about Tau Ceti but it’s a 4X sci-fi game. I have played Chaosmos, which funded last year on Kickstarter and is now in stores, and Lifeboat is a classic backstabby game.

[Update: Just as a clarification, GeekDad is not directly involved in this contest; I was just announcing it because I thought it sounded pretty cool. Winners will be announced via Twitter by @MirrorBoxGames and @KnapsackGames.]

Here’s the form below:

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