Bill Shatner and Wil Wheaton Geek Out on ‘Brown Bag Wine Tasting’

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BBWT-TitleWhat do you get when you put Bill Shatner and Wil Wheaton together, mix wine, beer, and geeking out about Star Trek and videogames? You get an episode of Brown Bag Wine Tasting that is truly a joy to watch.

BBWT-WheatonWheaton has become famous for, among many things, his response to a con goer about what being a geek means–it’s not what you love, but how you love it. It is the embodiment of that mantra that allows both he and Shatner to geek out about beer and wine just as easily as they can geek out about Star Trek and videogames.

BBWT-ShatnerWheatonI don’t want to steal their thunder by summarizing and paraphrasing the whole video but there are some real gems about the video game experience 20 years ago versus today, Star Trek, and, of course, beer and wine. What makes this video truly great though is watching two men who have such a passion for the things they are geeky about share them in an atmosphere of such obvious mutual respect. If we all tried to have conversations like this with everybody we knew and met, our world would be a wonderful place.

Brown Bag Wine Tasting is a web series on Ora TV where Shatner chats with a guest then has them describe a brown-bagged wine in terms of their occupation–in Wheaton’s case as if it were a beer. The show is great fun, and I recommend checking out the other episodes as well!

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