Who Knew “D&D” Stood For “Dishes & Dusting”?

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Okay, geekdads, time for a quick show of hands. How many of you are/were into D&D (or roleplaying in general)? Come on, you in the back, don’t be shy…you’re among friends after all. Now, you’d probably like to get your geeklets interested in gaming, too, wouldn’t you? Well Chore Wars is here to help.

Start by creating an account. Choose a character type along with six chores you’re good at. These are your abilities, and form the core of your character’s abilities. Create or join a party, then start designing adventures (i.e. chores), with the amount of experience gained determined by the time it takes to accomplish the adventure. Claim an adventure each time you complete a chore, level up as you gain experience, as you might expect.

I just signed in and rolled up Joram of the Zen Simplifiers. After I’ve had a chance to tinker, I’ll post more, but this looks like a great way to combine gaming with…well, pretty much the opposite of gaming.

(via BoingBoing)

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