Magic: Origins Card Preview: Blazing Hellhound

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This just in from Wizards of the Coast: a preview of “Blazing Hellhound,” part of the upcoming Magic: Origins series. This Black and Red card just screams hellfire and fury. I like the ability, because the sacrificed card can be any creature, tapped, pacified, or otherwise diminished. “Blazing Hellhound” looks like a great new counter to control decks, and brings a decent burn to the field, with no victims limited.

Image: Wizards of the Coast
Image: Wizards of the Coast

I also love the flavor text. I like my creatures to beĀ monsters, and “Blazing Hellhound” meets that requirement. Hoo-rah! I’m excited to see how this card plays out, and the strategies that will take advantage of this fun new card.

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