Kyasi 3-in-1 Stylus Is a Great Tool in Your Mobile Arsenal

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KyasiStylus-FeaturesEvery few months I get fed up with all the smudges on my iPhone and try out a stylus. I’m usually disappointed and stop using it after a day or two before going back to using my finger. The Kyasi 3-in-1 Dream Stylus aims to change that.

Front and back of the package. Photo by Will James.

When Kyasi sent me their Curved Gladiator Glass they also threw in their stylus for me to try out. The box is rather unassuming so I was a little worried about the quality of the stylus. The stylus is a 3-in-1 with a stylus, ballpoint pen, and laser pointer all in one device.

Dual tips of the stylus. Photo by Will James.

I took the stylus out of the package and quickly noticed that it had a real weight to it. This is not some cheaply made, throwaway stylus. This thing is sturdy and well made, and you can feel it. The stylus has a nice squishy microfiber tip that worked great with my iPhone 6. The bottom half of the pen can be pulled out to reveal a ballpoint pen. Flip it around, reinsert it and you have a very nice pen that has great flow. I can definitely see myself using it in both capacities very often.

Our kitten, Nori, loves the laser pointer. Photo by Will James.

The third piece of the 3-in-1 isn’t so much useful as much as it is fun. The stylus comes with the required three LR41 batteries to power the laser pointer. And of course, laser pointers are best used for entertaining cats.

If you’re looking for a good stylus that works well and doesn’t feel cheap, I can highly recommend the Kyasi Dream Stylus. If you also want a nice ballpoint pen to carry around with you, and a toy for your cat, then this stylus is a triple whammy like it is for me.

Note: I was sent a unit for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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