Kyasi’s Curved Gladiator Glass Offers Full iPhone 6 Protection

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GladiatorGlass-MainAll of us want the best protection for our investments, and, with iPhones costing several hundred dollars, they are no exception. Kyasi is bringing something completely new to the screen protector market: a ballistic tempered glass screen cover with a curved titanium frame. This beauty not only covers your screen, it wraps the curved edge of your iPhone 6 for full frontal protection.

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Contents of the Gladiator Glass package. Photo by Will James.

Kyasi’s Indiegogo campaign is to do the first large production run of the Gladiator Glass for the public market; however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t already hard at work. I received one of their early production models to review, and it is certainly a finished product. I always have a screen protector on my phone, and the expected microfiber cloth, dust stickers, and alcohol prep pad were all here.

GladiatorGlass-ProfileI popped the protector itself out of the package and was shocked. For such a protective glass screen protector, this thing is extremely thin and a lot sturdier than I expected. I am usually pretty hard on my screen, so I usually opt for the cheap plastic ones. The Gladiator Glass was easier to put on than any screen protector I’ve ever used for any device. I wiped down my phone, peeled the backing off of the Glass, and then gently lowered it onto the face of my iPhone 6. One light press in the middle and then smoothing it out, and the Glass was installed in seconds with no bubbles or unevenness to worry about. The Gladiator Glass has converted me to glass screen protectors!

GladiatorGlass-WithCaseAlthough Kyasi has a disclaimer that their protector should work with most cases but they cannot guarantee 100% compatibility, it worked perfectly with my recently acquired Peachii case.

I’ve been using the protector for a few days now, and I’ve not noticed any degradation in visibility or touch capacity. In fact, and maybe this is just in my head, it seems that I can see better! That may just be because my old plastic protector was getting worn out, though. While I haven’t done a drop test yet, I feel pretty confident that my screen is well protected. And the screen wipes clean easier than any other protector I’ve used.

With only seven days left, this project is already over 400% funded. Coupled with Kyasi’s history of successfully delivering products and a fully functioning small production run, now is the ideal time to get onboard and grab a great iPhone 6 screen protector at a great price. And if you don’t want to jump on the campaign and wait, you can always grab one on Amazon right now but it will cost you a bit more.

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