Mattel Previews its Own Telekinetic Training Toy with Mindflex

Geek Culture

Word comes in advance of the New York Toy Fair that the battle for Jedi Force-training device supremacy has been joined.  Mattel will be demonstrating its own version of the biofeedback game that challenges players to focus their minds to raise and lower a ball on a column of air, similar to the one we reported on a few weeks back.  Mattel’s twist, called Mindflex,  gives the device a bigger challenge and makes it more of an enjoyable game by adding a dial to give you, the budding Force initiate, the ability to control the horizontal movement as well, and laying out an obstacle course to pilot the ball through… with your mind!  We can envision this becoming quite the amusing party game for kids or adults, though we really, really think the lack of Star Wars branding is still holding back the device’s full potential.

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