Kickstarter Technology Alert: OpenEars – Bluetooth Earbuds with 3D Recording

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OpenEars Cover

Today we’re featuring a new Kickstarter technology, entering its final week and in need of some support if it hopes to become an “underdog story.” OpenEars, a pair of Bluetooth connected headphones by Binauric, are the company’s second product with 3D recording technology built in. Like any other bluetooth connected headphones, OpenEars allows you to connect to your phone or other device to listen to your favorite music, but these headphones have several not-so-common features that made this Kickstarter stand out for me.

Binaural (3D) Recording

These headphones are able to record sound like you hear it, with distance and direction intact, allowing you to replay the moment exactly has it happened in real life. If you’re standing in Manhattan, listening to a musician on your right while a taxi goes by on the right, the recording will pick those up and the listener will be able to tell the direction of the sounds as if they were standing next to you live.

HearThrough Mode

If I’m honest, this is the technology in these headphones that I’m most excited about. OpenEars’ HearThough mode allows you to listen to your audio while still being able to hear the ambient sound around you. I like to walk and listen to podcasts, and have more than once had close calls with cyclists who announced their presence but went unheard because my ears were otherwise engaged. With the HearThrough mode, I’d be able to hear the cyclist’s warning without losing my podcast fix.

There are several other notable features, all represented much more clearly on the product’s Kickstarter page than I could do here, but I honestly think this project is worth a shot. With just over $87,000 left to raise in its last week, this project has a long way to go, if it hopes to be a success, but I believe this Kickstarter is worth a look. Open Ears being Worn

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