What Are Your Favorite Geek Podcasts?

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Image: Patrick Breitenbach via Flickr
Image: Patrick Breitenbach via Flickr

I have a very short commute–like walk-to-the-living-room short–so I rarely give new podcasts a try since the place I’m most likely to listen to them is in the car.

But this summer I’ve been taking the kids to camp, and I have about an hour of driving time to myself. Though I’m partial to Welcome to Night Vale or the Nerdist podcast, I’ve been listening instead to Adam Cadre’s new Radio K podcast, an hour discussion about interactive fiction. My only complaint is that there are only two episodes currently in the queue, so I’m anxiously awaiting for Cadre to make more.

The premise is simple: Cadre missed most of the early, commercial interactive fiction games in their heyday, and he missed most of the more recent interactive fiction games. But in between there are the games that came out while he was ensconced in working on his own well-received games such as Photopia or 9:05. So the podcast aims for games that he missed the first time around, almost all from 2002 until today. In each podcast, he brings a few people onto the show to discuss a game they each played to prepare. All the games, so far, have been IFComp or XYZZY award-winning games.

Interspersed between critiques of the actual games are facts about interactive fiction in general and game construction. Anyone who is currently writing their own games–whether they’re textual or graphical in nature–could take something useful away from the discussion.

And it’s just fun. I’ve played a few of the games so far but haven’t been exposed to others, and I get equal enjoyment out of both types of segments. The spoilers are minimal, and, if anything, they help you to mentally prepare for the puzzles ahead in the game more than give you the direct answer. Plus I loved that one of the players in the second episode was a seventh grader. Here’s to raising the next generation of geeks.

So, Cadre, put out another episode. I have many more weeks of camp commuting to go.

What are your favorite geek podcasts? Add them in the comment section below, or grab a suggestion if you’re looking for something new to download for your commute.

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