If You Want Awesome Rolls, You Need Awesome Dice

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Gaming may be mostly about getting together with friends and family and having a good time exploring strategy, role-playing, wit, and wordplay, but for the dedicated player, it can also be about the tools you use to play. And what tool is more important to a gamer than dice?

Along comes this Kickstarter campaign for our sponsor, Awesome Dice:

We want to offer people the dice they always knew they wanted, but could never find. The project began when my roleplaying group tried to find some specialty D6’s for one of our favorite roleplaying games. After looking long and hard, and dealing with some profound disappointment, we decided to make our own.

The dice we designed are themed off of the cyberpunk genera that was popularized by authors like William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Phillip K. Dick. The dice bring in themes of bullets, drones, hacking, and even a little magic.

The structure of the Kickstarter for these dice is pretty well-thought-out. The bottom line for success is low, so you’re very likely to get what you want out of it. You make a $29 pledge, and if the campaign makes its baseline goal of $3,000, you’ll get a dozen of the awesome-looking two-tone “dragons and bullets” dice (along with a plastic case for them). For $6 more, one of the dice will be hand-painted to add a distinctive red-dragon side, which looks amazing.

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It’s in the stretch goals where things get interesting. If people pledge enough ($6,000) to open up the first stretch goal, then the option of getting the Hacker Dice gets added to the mix, so everyone has two kinds of dice to choose from. At $9,000, the Social Network set is added; at $12,000, the Drone Dice; and at $15,000 the Magic Dice become available. And each new set has its own special hand-painted variant as well. So, the more people pledge, the more choices there are.

The Awesome Dice Kickstarter Campaign starts today, so pledge early and help get all the dice sets unlocked, so you can show up to your game session with the Awesome-est dice on the table.

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