The Titan Series Kickstarter Adds Game Design Seminar

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Titans of Gaming

In case you hadn’t backed the Titan Series Kickstarter from Calliope Games, here’s a little extra incentive: an online game design seminar led by Rob Daviau, James Ernest, Mike Elliot, Mike Mulvihill, and Jordan Weisman.

The Titan Series is a massive project, kind of like a subscription service for board games. You’ll get 9 games delivered over the course of three years, all designed by some big names in tabletop gaming. You can pledge for individual games rather than the whole shebang, but the Titan level brings the price per game down to only $16 per title. To make that Titan level sweeter, Calliope Games announced last week that anyone who pledges at that level or higher will get access to these five 1-hour game design segments, taught by some of the designers involved in the project.

The project has about 10 days left to go and is nearly to its goal, but I’m hoping that the project will hit the stretch goals to add three more games to the series. For more, read Dave Banks’s announcement post about the project.

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