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Slrp-featuredEvery parent has probably faced that moment of agony when your child finishes his cereal, picks up the bowl, and tries to drink the milk–and it runs all over his face, down the shirt, and requires a new set of clothes. Slrp has launched a Kickstarter to make those moments a thing of the past

Our 3D printed Slrp. Photo by Will James.

I received a 3D printed prototype bowl from the guys at Slrp, so I was not able to test out all of the bonus features, but we did get a good feel for the form and base function of the bowl. The concept is pretty simple–a bowl that is more natural and ergonomically shaped to make drinking (and slurping) from your bowl easier.

Our 3D printed Slrp and lid. Photo by Will James.

Slrp will also include sealable lids to allow for ease of packing and travel. I know its been a pain for us having to occasionally transport food in one container and bring along another dish to actually use for eating. The all-in-one storage and eating dish is definitely a plus.

Our son slurping his soy milk from his Slrp. Photo by Will James.

Even though this was a prototype, that didn’t stop me from performing a field trial. I filled the bowl with some cereal and soy milk for my son and sat it down in front of him. Without saying a word, as soon as his cereal was all gone, he grabbed the bowl and slurped down his milk. The bowl fit much more naturally in his hands than a regular circular bowl and he didn’t spill a drop–which never happens.

The bonus features I didn’t get to try but am looking forward to are a rubberized base and rim (printed blue in the prototype) and measuring lines inside the bowl. Though we don’t really watch how much food our son eats, we are big on portion control for ourselves so the measuring lines will certainly come in handy.

The verdict is that I cannot wait for the Kickstarter to be successful so I can get my hands on several Slrps. There is something very satisfying about slurping from a bowl, and my son and I will both get plenty of use out of Slrp.

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