Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 11 – Princesses, Beasts, and Superheroes

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Episode 11: Princesses, Beasts, and Superheroes

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This week, we welcome Will James (another awesome GeekDad writer and host of Sunday Evening with Captain Owen) to the show and chat about a ton of stuff.

We take on the Disney Princess juggernaut, gender portrayals in various Disney properties, and the concept of Princess Leia as a Disney Princess. From the beauties to the beast, we then discuss the stellar cast lineup for the Beauty and the Beast live-action remake. We basically read straight from IMDb, but trust me: it’s more fun than it sounds.

Finally, we return to runDisney and discuss Will’s experiences running the first Avengers and Star Wars races at Disneyland. Everyone line up for photos with desperate actors in cosplay! It’s time for another Great, Big Beautiful Podcast…


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