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Have you got a tabletop gaming problem (and by ‘problem’ we mean passion for fun and imaginative socializing play with friends and family)? Are you constantly on the lookout for new and interesting games to play, but find it tough to keep up with what’s available? Do you know someone who is a tabletop game fanatic, and want to get the THE PERFECT GIFT?

Game Box Monthly is your solution.

As the name suggests, Game Box Monthly (our sponsor today) will send you a new tabletop game each month. And don’t worry about getting games you already own; when you sign up, you let them know what’s in your library already and they’ll keep track and find you something new and fun every month.

The price is just $25 per month, and if you pre-pay for multiple months, it’s even cheaper.  And they’ll ship all over the world (for an additional fee).

But what kind of games are we talking about? They’ll be good ones – not your run-of-the-mill Monopolys and Candylands (shudder), but cool games created by, and for, gamers. Games like Castle Panic, For Sale, and Stones of Fate. Note: the games will be less than 1kg to keep shipping costs down, but there will be an option in the future for larger games.

So, if this sounds like the perfect gift for the gamer in your life (including you), just head on over to Game Box Monthly, and subscribe!

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