Unboxing Star Wars and Remembering #MyStarWars Memories

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Today, Star Wars: The Digital Collection arrives on Digital HD from Disney, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox. To celebrate, Disney sent me and my kiddos a huge box of Star Wars goodies to help us create new memories around my absolute favorite geeky obsession.

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. A die hard fan! I have enough fond memories centered around the movies, toys, books, comics, TV shows, music and the Disney World tie-ins to write an anthology on Star Wars fandom. When Disney reached out to see if I was interested in taking part in an unboxing, I jumped at the opportunity.

Being a GeekDad, I’ve really inundated my kids with any and everything Star Wars. While I have tons of great Star Wars memories from my own childhood, its the new ones I’ve made with my two girls that are truly the most memorable. One of my favorites was back in 2010, when my daughter Lydia and I went out for Halloween as Chewie and Han.

#MyStarWarsMemories – Halloween 2010

I’m looking forward to creating new memories with my girls. I’m thrilled that they too will have the chance to have their own unique Star Wars experiences around the new trilogy and spinoff titles. This December we’re flying down to Disney World (their first time!) a week before The Force Awakens comes out. We’re all buzzing with excitement to see what awesome Disney park tie-ins we can expect. One day, we might even make out to the west coast for Star Wars Celebration.

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