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I am a mouse lover. I can’t help it. I use my computer non-stop for work. Between work, MMOs like Guild Wars 2, and local games like Minecraft, I put thousands of clicks on my mouse every day. Despite regular cleaning and maintenance, many mice die in my home. But there is hope on my desk. Etekcity’s Scroll Alpha Gaming Mouse is a powerhouse of performance with a nearly infinite number of bindings available to its eight buttons. It also has a button lifetime of 5 million clicks!

A smooth, symmetrical design means that even we Southpaws (lefties) have a great option for our control needs. Everything is programmable from the adjustable sensitivity settings (from 200 DPI to 8200 DPI) to macros which you can write yourself. Users can also create keyboard shortcuts and options for browser controls.


There are five customizable profiles available, each indicated by that profile’s unique colors: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and teal. Use the DPI Mode Switch (the bright colored light in the center of the mouse) to switch profiles, allowing you to transition from activity to activity with ease. This is great for playing a variety of games. I like a lower sensitivity in Minecraft, but a higher DPI for games like Guild Wars 2 and Skyrim.

Screenshot of the gaming mouse program interface.
Screenshot of the gaming mouse program interface. Image: Rory Bristol

For the hardest-core of customizers, the scroll wheel can function as three separate buttons (click/scroll up/scroll down), allowing up to 10 custom commands. You can also control the sensitivity of your double click, pointer, and scroll speeds. The five profiles also allow you to set up five different key-binding sets, meaning your mouse could hold up to 50 unique commands at any given time.

There are limits of course, but creative gamers like myself know that options are the bread and butter of great gaming. I also use the Scroll Alpha for Photoshop. I set one profile up to have shortcuts that I use regularly as click-commands, and I am ready to touch up any project. In the end, options mean better gaming. Therefore the Scroll Alpha means better gaming.

The Scroll Alpha Gaming Mouse is currently 21.99 on Amazon. I recommend it most highly for gamers of any age. Its custom options make this mouse a great gift for birthdays, and holidays.


Note: I received this unit for review purposes.

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