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Professor Brian Cox, Wonders of the UniverseProfessor Brian Cox, Wonders of the Universe

Professor Brian Cox presents Wonders of the Universe

Almost exactly one year ago, a new documentary series made its debut on BBC Two. Wonders of the Solar System, presented by the then relatively unknown Professor Brian Cox with whom I share a hometown, captured the imagination of the nation and launched Cox as a new star in the world of popular science. Since the show’s debut, this new celebrity scientist has appeared on our screens countless times as the modern and young voice of televised science. His enthusiastic attitude and (it must be said) boyish good looks winning over countless viewers and forging an interest in science within those who previously had none.

Read more of Sophie’s post about Cox’s new series, Wonders of the Universe , over on GeekMom. The series begins airing tonight in on BBC Two and BBC HD.

Wonders of The Solar System airs on the Science Channel in the USA.

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