Novel Ideas: Season 2, Episode 8

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So we tried to record our usual Novel Ideas podcast last week but the internet had other ideas. However, that didn’t mean we left our subscribers high and dry. If you subscribe to our iTunes or Stitcher feeds we gave you a nice little audio extra. Last week I did a talk for the Tigard Library here in the Portland, Oregon, metro area. I was asked to present on building an indie writing career, and I turned the talk into a rather sobering look at the changes that have overtaken indie publishing in the last six months. With a future that is not nearly as bright as it was a year ago, what can an indie writer do to stay ahead of the curve? (Go here to get the episode on iTunes.)

This week we got back to business. James and I rerecorded last week’s disaster. We talked about the effects of stories on readers: Does a strong call to adventure leave us mere mortals feeling less able to grow up? You can listen in below.

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