Summer Camp for Gamers: The Game Experience, Part 3 — Visiting the Studios

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Are your kids into videogames, and do they want to learn more about making them? Then The Game Experience may be the perfect summer camp for them. All this week, we’ll be exploring different aspects of the amazing summer videogame development immersion program offered by our sponsor, Experience America.

Access to AAA Talent and Videogame Studios

There is no greater learning tool beyond real world experience and access to the people and places that drive an industry. In my own experience as a filmmaker, nothing had more value than working in real-world scenarios, alongside professional creators. When it came to learning the trade, all of my hours spent reading textbooks, watching films, and writing papers were missing that real connection I would later find by simply spending a day on an actual film set. In one day on set I learned more about making a movie than I did in the entire four years I worked to earn my film degree.

When it comes to creative industries like film production or videogame design, the people within those industries are the greatest teachers out there. There is so much to be learned from someone who spends his or her days actually creating. This is one of the places where The Game Experience sets itself apart.

A big part of the experience includes visits to major gaming and tech companies such as Microsoft, Monolith, Valve, ArenaNet, Pop Cap, and Big Fish. Game Experience students are not only provided with private, behind-the-scenes tours of these major studios, but also get to see the work that inspires them in action. I also hear that students leave these visits with crazy amounts of company swag. Swag aside, what the students are actually leaving with is the excitement that comes from experiencing precisely the kind of fun and immersive work environment in which they aspire to one day find themselves.


In addition to their regular classes, Game Experience students are also provided with the opportunity to learn about the gaming industry from various guest lecturers from within the industry. These lectures touch on everything from how games are marketed and monetized to how audio technicians capture sound and the ever important question: What is the best way to break into the industry?

Another thing that sets The Game Experience apart is their commitment to not only inspire students, but also help them understand whether or not this is really a career they’d enjoy.

From the Game Experience materials:

Students gain insight into the process and project management and learn about the real world pitfalls of resource and people management. They also learn about the level of talent and dedication it takes to make it in this highly competitive industry. A lot of students come away from the program more confident than ever that this is the right career for them, while others come to the realization that this isn’t for them. We feel that this adds a lot of value to the students experience and understanding of where their passions are before heading into a path they will end up regretting later on.

Give your kids the opportunity to develop their own interests, skills, passions, and goals during this three-week camp! To find out more about The Game Experience, visit their website today!

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