10 More New Gadget Kickstarters to Watch This Week

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d0f5fcf269208e5a0df59910612aa084_originalTiko – The Unibody 3D Printer
A simple printer that looks like a fancy kitchen appliance.

SnapPower Charger: A USB charger in a coverplate
From the creator of this light, another easy way to upgrade an outlet.

Wake – Welcome to the Dawn of Bedroom Robotics
Next-gen alarm clock aims a beam of sound and light to wake you, not your partner.

Neobase: Create a private social network outside the cloud
Using local hard drives to build a network for sharing with no ads/fees.

Zero G For iPhone 6 /Plus – Changing How You Use Your iPhone
This case’s “nanosuction” surface lets you stick your phone to the wall.

Beastgrip Pro the world’s best camera rig for smartphones
Imagine how good your Periscopes would look if you had this thing.

Konekt Dash: Cellular Dev Kit + Free Global Data Plan
The latest in a wave of brain-kits for IoT devices. See also Onion Omega.

Skylight: Beam Photos To A Frame In Your Loved One’s Home
Trying to make sending photos to the grandparents super-simple.

Appkettle: The Smart Kettle with Vision
Use the app to schedule a boil so your afternoon teatime is extra-punctual.

The Best Prank Birthday Card Ever!
You know those candles you can’t blow out? This is so much worse.

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