Marvel’s First Full ‘Ant Man’ Trailer Premieres

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Image courtesy of Marvel Studios


The first full Ant-Man trailer dropped this morning, setting the stage for Marvel’s tiny-yet-mighty blockbuster! In the teaser, we got a feel for the heart of the main characters and a taste of the humor of the script. The full trailer gives us the over-arching plot (which reminds me a bit of the first Iron Man, what with the whole “we want to develop a weapon with your tech” trope), a solid look at Ant-Man’s full power set (including lots of ant-action!), and some really awesome fight scenes with the villainous Yellowjacket. That humor was there too, with some great deadpan lines and a “harrowing” scene at the end between Yellowjacket and Thomas-the-Tank-Engine. Despite the drama that surrounded the production, it seems that Marvel is firing on all cylinders with this one. Will Ant-Man beat Age of Ultron at the box office? No; but it will add yet another level of quirkiness to the Marvel movie-verse. That’s what I love about Marvel’s strategy, if Ant-Man had been a Wave 1 property, people never would have shown up. But after you’ve convinced your audience to go watch a talking raccoon and tree in action, selling them on a guy who talks to ants becomes a whole lot easier.

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