PancakeBot Kickstarter

Final Hours: PancakeBot Kickstarter

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PancakeBot Kickstarter
PancakeBot Kickstarter

The first time I saw the PancakeBot in action, I was hooked. It was at the 2012 Maker World Faire in New York and it was just fascinating to watch in action. Voluntold by his kids that he needed to create a robot that could print in pancake batter, Miguel had created a machine that actually prints in pancake batter. The prototype was built with Lego bricks and evolved into something that is ready for full production and store shelves. As a GeekDad who loves pancakes, he had my immediate attention. We wrote a post in support of getting Miguel and PancakeBot to the Bay Area Maker Faire in 2013 and have remained in touch with him.

Jump forward to today and Miguel has brought the PancakeBot full circle. He has a Kickstarter going and is in the final 24 hours now. We mentioned the PancakeBot in a list of Kickstarters to watch a month ago and now I want to make sure our readers get the notice that Miguel is reaching the end of a very successful campaign. One of the stretch goals has already been met, adding more color options to the production model, and the numbers are creeping in on the second stretch goal that includes an extra bottle and a large spatula.

Go support the PancakeBot today and know that you are supporting a fellow Geek parent who started, like so many of us, by playing around with an idea with his kids. Also, make sure you spread the word on social media!

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