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By now you’ve heard all about the Friday, April 10, digital re-re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy (plus three other movies that are supposed to be prequels of some sort?). It’s happening just in time too, as the first release of the Star Wars Blu-Ray collection is pretty much out of print at this point.

In case you haven’t yet heard the news, let me do a quick rundown of what’s on the table. Star Wars, Episodes 1-6 will be released in full Digital HD. In addition to the movies themselves, each digital release will come with “Discoveries from the Inside” and “Conversations” featurettes, focusing on things like special effects, sound production, even “lost” archival interviews with original trilogy cast members.

You’ll be able to grab each individual movie for $19.99 when they drop this Friday on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Disney Movies Anywhere, and just about everywhere else you can buy digital video. If you want to tempt the Dark Side, you can get the Star Wars digital collection for $89.99. That’s like paying $60 for the original trilogy and $10 each for those… other movies. Which is almost a bargain… almost.

You can get more Star Wars bonus content exclusively on Disney Movies Anywhere such as exclusive Star Wars @Lightspeed extras, like this “Weapons and Battles” clip narrated by Bill Hader.

While I already have two sets of Star Wars DVDs, I’m sorely tempted to go digital. Especially now that the Amazon Fire Stick works in hotels, I could watch Star Wars just about anywhere!

The editions being released are the most recent, remastered versions that are currently on Blu-Ray. I’m still holding out hope that someone will dust off a LaserDisc version of the original, unremastered trilogy and transfer that to digital. I personally know one person that keeps a LaserDisc player solely for Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi.

What I’m saying, Disney, is that if you need source material for your next big money-maker, call me. I know a guy.

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