Kickstarter Alert: EcoCube C Puts a Self-Sustaining Ecosphere on Your Desk

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I’m a sucker for hydroponics. Being able to grow food indoors, in the ultimate science-fiction way, is just nifty. But the EcoCube folks have taken it to a whole other level.

The EcoCube C is the next generation of their already-successful self-sustaining ecosystem. The idea is simple: you have a plant (something useful like basil) growing out of your hydroponic cube. But your hydroponic cube is also a small aquarium. You feed the fish, the fish makes waste, the waste becomes fertilizer for the plant, the plan filters the water to keep it livable for the fish.


It’s a simple idea, but it has a bit of magic too. You can sustain two living things in a measure of symbiosis. It is, of course, also a great scientific teaching artifact for your kids.

The Kickstarter for the EcoCube C starts today, and for one day only, early adopters can get the base unit for half the price (only $39 – fish not included) if they get in early. Check it out:

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