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Digital Comics Explosion: The Dynamite Mega Bundle

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Dynamite Mega Bundle

Hot on the heels of the recent 10th anniversary Doctor Who Bundle and the Ricky Rouse preview Bundle, BitTorrent has once again given comics and sci-fi fans something to download and enjoy! Dynamite Comics, famous for such titles as Vampirella, The Green Hornet, and many others, has teamed up with BitTorrent to release The Dynamite Mega Bundle. This pay-what-you-can model delivers more than 140 issues and 4,000 pages of content for a minimum payment of only $6.00.

Not sure the collection is worth the money? (Spoiler alert: it is.) No worries. Dynamite Comics is offering up a number of titles–including Bob’s Burgers, Red Sonja, Sherlock Holmes, and more–absolutely free! Independent publisher Dynamite Entertainment is mostly noted for adding a unique voice with adaptations to existing properties in the public domain, but also for creating new stories for several popular licensed characters as well.

If this is your first foray into using BitTorrent, then you need to know that you will have to download their free client in order to receive the bundle. Familiar names such as George R.R. Martin, Dean Koontz, and Mark Waid should ease you into exploring some of the lesser-known titles. If you’re looking to breathe some life into classic characters or for a new take on a current favorite, be sure to check out this steal of a deal for hours of entertainment.


  1. Vampirella Masters Series – Volumes 2 and 4
  2. Amanda Hawking’s The Hollows
  3. George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards
  4. Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Moon Called – Volumes 1 and 2
  5. Project Superpowers – Volume 1
  6. Green Hornet – Volumes 1 and 2
  7. Cryptozoic Man
  8. Red Sonja – Volume 2
  9. Pathfinder
  10. Dean Koontz: Frankenstein Prodigal Son – Volume 1
  11. Kirby Genesis
  12. Django/Zorro
  13. Twilight Zone
  14. Doodle Jump
  15. Bob’s Burgers
  16. Jim Butcher: Dresden War Cry
  17. Jungle Girl – Season 1 and 2
  18. Robert Jordan: The Wheel of Time
  19. Mocking Dead
  20. Chaos
  21. Legendary
  22. Sherlock Holmes Trial – Volume 1
  23. Monster War
  24. Alice Cooper
  25. Uncanny
  26. Mark Waid’s Green Hornet
  27. The Warriors: Jailbreak
  28. Ex-Con
  29. Shaft
  30. Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 1: Grant Morrison and Mark MIllar
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