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Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box geared towards LEGO and BRICK lovers. Brick Loot was created by nine-year-old Parker Krex from Chicago, Illinois. At age four, Parker was reviewing his LEGO sets for YouTube and has since then founded the Brick Loot empire with the help of his parents.

IMG_2087I received a March 2015 subscription box to take a look at and inform our readers. Brick Loot assigns a theme to each month. The theme for March was “hot rods.” The main LEGO item included is a custom-built “BL500” Sports Convertible. When I first saw that the packaging was not LEGO brand, I thought that it would be built using knock-off bricks. It was great to see that they were actual LEGO! The company that supplies the Brick Loot custom builds is another company–Brick Builders Pro. They take bulk LEGO and create their own generic sets using them, then repack the product in their own boxes with instructions.

Another great addition was a set of LED headlights to add to the included custom build. These were provided by Liteup Blocks. Obviously these are not manufactured by LEGO, but they’re still a great addition to this and any play set. Also included is a starter roll of PlayTape by InRoad Toys. This is a roll of reusable tape that has the design of a two lane road on it. Its scale works well with the width of a standard LEGO axle, as well as Hot Wheels.

Finally, to finish off the Brick Loot March set is a Nanoblock Hot Rod retail set. For those not familiar with Nanoblock, they are a very small brick based building toy–aka micro LEGO. To put it in perspective, the 300 piece hot rod included built to be not much larger than a Matchbox car.

March's Box
March’s Box

And there was one last item; I do not know if every monthly set includes this, but the March set included a “Brick Loot Bonus” set. This small pack consisted of a 22 piece building set with three sets of instructions to make three different vehicles from the same blocks. This bricks were not LEGO brand, but were of good quality generic bricks and fit nicely in with the theme. I know it seems like I am obsessed with generic versus LEGO brand bricks, but any fan of LEGO knows there is a difference.

Overall I would definitely recommend Brick Loot’s monthly subscription to any lover of LEGO and construction toys. The attention to brick fandom, the quality, and the variety make this a win. For more information and pricing details, visit

Thanks to Brick Loot for providing March’s box for review.

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  1. I’m with you on the generic vs. LEGO items. The quality of the real deal is second to none. I’m not interested at all in the generics. If the box was all LEGO it would be much more compelling.

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