Review: Une Bobine Rigid Adapter

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Source: Une Bobine.
Source: Une Bobine.

I noticed a tweet in my feed today from TWN stating the Bobine cable was on sale. Normally $35, it’s on sale for $24.99. Steep for a simple 3rd-party Lightning adapter, right? Except the Une Bobine (note proper name, TWN), is a bit more than that.

I was sent a review unit way back when [Fuse]Chicken (love the name) was doing their Kickstarter. What the Une Bobine is, essentially, is a marriage between the concept of a dock and a cable. A Lightning adapter (and it also comes in MicroUSB) wrapped in flexible metal wire, the Une Bobine can be used to “pose” your device in place. This is a pretty good solution for taking video, and could have a lot of potential for using with Periscope, Meerkat, or any other livestreaming solution. It even held my new iPad Mini in place.

Are there downsides? Yes indeed. Several cases we used prevented the Une Bobine from “latching”. Personally, I’m a huge case guy, so this saddened me. It’s also, as you could imagine, a tad heftier than a typical adapter cable.

I would not have recommended the Bobine at the full $35. This sale, though, gives you the original Kickstarter cost, and as such I would recommend this cable to anyone who wants something a little tougher than the average cord.

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