Today’s ‘TableTop’ Features a Mature Episode of ‘Cards Against Humanity’

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Cards Against Humanity is a polarizing game – some people think it’s a ripoff of the award-winning and enjoyable Apples to Apples and a poor excuse for people to be crude, racist, and sexist. Other people like the politically incorrect game. Nevertheless, it’s this episode’s game on TableTop.

Wil has invited Ali Spagnola, Laina Morris, and Aisha Tyler to play the adult party game. But in reality, this ends up being the Aisha Tyler episode. She is so quick, sharp, and rib-achingly funny, she absolutely steals the show. The episode gets kicked off by what is, possibly, the best game intro Wil has ever done and then meanders into a sort of slow start. But then Aisha’s friend shows up with booze and it takes off from there.

There’s a disclaimer, but you probably know what the game is like. There’s a lot more (and uncensored) cursing than a regular episode and there is drinking and the subject material is a lot¬†more mature than usual. So if you watch with your family, you definitely¬†want to preview this episode before watching with your kids. And then find something else to watch.

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