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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 1: Starting Over

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RFH logoWith a few obvious exceptions, I have learned that it is far easier to not do something than to do it. That was certainly the case with my podcast, Radio Free Hipster.

Between July of 2006 and March of 2013, I released with regularity some 150ish episodes of music, silly television show samples, the occasional interview, and my own remarkably rural narration. After mid-2013 I didn’t so much as look at a microphone. And I was all right with that.

Until earlier this year when Ken and I threw together an impromptu CES podcast in Vegas.

Since that time I’ve been thinking a lot about why I started podcasting in the first place. Overall it was a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby that gave me a truly unique creative outlet. Moreover, I slowly began to realize that I missed it.

Radio Free Hipster is back, in part, because I offered to return as a feature of GeekDad’s ongoing Patreon campaign. But it’s also back because making and distributing a curated, narrated, custom mixtape for even a few disparate friends and listeners is something I enjoy. I hope you enjoy it too.

If I sound a little odd or uncomfortable this time out, it is only because I am odd and also uncomfortable. I chalk these things up to my unique charms, coupled with all that time spent off-mic.

You can download episode 1 directly via this link.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed if that’s more your thing.

Below find the relevant show notes, complete with which songs may contain questionable language. Yes, there’s some swearing, so take a listen on your own to make sure you’re comfortable with the content before sharing it with the kids.

01:03 Malibu Shark Attack – “Doing it Wrong
03:54 talking / BGM: virt – “High Above the Land (The Flying Machine)
05:11 mc chris – “Rinkin’ Around” [language warning]
08:15 Kirby Krackle – “Marvelous Girls (2014 Version)” [language warning]
12:01 The Doubleclicks – “Ennui (On We Go)
15:08 Adam WarRock – “Gifted Student” [language warning]
18:41 more talking / BGM: virt – “High Above the Land (The Flying Machine)”
20:10 Crayondroids – “1999”
23:58 Amphibious – “Forest Fire (Pokemon X and Y)
27:32 Jonathan Coulton – “Still Alive (feat. Sara Quin)
31:40 even more talking / BGM: virt – “High Above the Land (The Flying Machine)”
34:48 Mikal kHill – “Challenge Your Audience (feat. MC Frontalot & More or Les)” [language warning]

All that remains is for me to thank Kim for the intro bumper, Beefy and Baddd Spellah for the theme song, our own Nathan Barry for the artwork, and, of course, you for listening. Until next time!

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13 thoughts on “Radio Free Hipster Ep. 1: Starting Over

    1. Thanks, Hex! Hoping I can get up to speed soon–it’s so easy to forget all the things you learned about recording after taking a mere year-and-a-half off. 😉

  1. Hey, lil brudder! It’s your oldest sib and newest listener…. Wooooo! I truly enjoyed this, though I haven’t been able to listen to it in its entirety yet. Love you, Bro!

  2. Just finding this new podcast since the last one ended. Haven’t listened to much music in this genre since then as a result. Bought a couple of albums after listening to RFH again. Thanks!!!

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