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Image: Kidz Gear
Image: Kidz Gear

If your kids aren’t just listening, but are also learning and creating with their devices in such a way that requires them to speak, they will need headphones that can do the complete job. But you’ll still want to protect their young ears from loud volumes.

Kidz Gear now has a set of headphones with a microphone built in, but keeps the volume limiting protection. Designed to fit kids two years old and older, their new headset is more than adjustable enough to fit my larger-than-average adult female head. It is constructed for children, however, so I wouldn’t recommend this as a go-to headphone for adults, unless your head is smaller than average.

Image: Kidz Gear
Image: Kidz Gear

The headset’s 3.5mm jack plugs into all standard headphone jacks, and there is a volume control on the cord. The boom mic swings out of place, and is also flexible to land just where you need it. It picks up omnidirectional sound, which is great for educational uses such as learning a foreign language or audio test-taking, but, frankly, it would also work well for playing online, multi-player games.

Use the optional KidzControl Volume Limit Cable for those kids who tend to turn the volume up too loud. It will restrict the volume to 80% of maximum volume capable from audio devices. You can also buy this cable separately, to use with other audio devices.

Great for educational use in the classroom or at home, my kids will be using it for Rosetta Stone Spanish, and my son will use it when he makes gaming videos. They’re likely to also use it Skyping with friends.

Image: Kidz Gear
Image: Kidz Gear

But how does it sound? The company purports that it performs with the same quality as headphones for adults. The sound it produces sounds just as good to me as my Logitech USB headphones, surrounding me with music, television, and commercials alike. The padded earphones are quite comfortable and large enough for most ear sizes, and they fold in slightly to make them even more portable.

Kidz Gear also sells a headphone splitter cable to share your sounds, songs, videos, and games without disturbing others, and a really nice carrying bag which is smooth and shiny on the outside, soft and cushioned on the inside. I want to buy several of these to house all of my tech.

Kidz Gear Deluxe Headset Headphones with Boom Mic sells for $29.99 and comes in a variety of colors, such as blue, pink, and gray. Help your kids preserve their hearing while they learn and create. With the purchase of this headset, Kidz Gear offers a one year limited warranty, and claims to guarantee your satisfaction, 100%.

Note: Kidz Gear provided a set of headphones for review purposes.

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