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I’m thrilled to announce the latest addition to the GeekDad Podcast Network: The Great Big Beautiful Podcast. In the ridiculously crowded field of Disney-related podcasts, we are happily launching another volley into the fray. (Did I just mix my metaphors?)

In any case, join my co-host (Justin Connors) and me as we hold hands and skip through the various fields of wildflowers where all of the Disney-owned IP grows. Disney Animation, Pixar, Disney Parks, Star Wars, Marvel, Muppets…it’s all fair game.

Honestly, we use Disney as an entry point to discuss more general geekiness from our position as Disney fans, geeks, and dads. Think of it as the Disney GeekDads show. The Great Big Beautiful Podcast just has a better ring to it….and if you get the reference, then you’re our people.

(And no, we’re not all pixie dust and fairy tales over here. Rest assured that we’ll be honest with our criticism. We’re not getting paychecks from Bob Iger….yet.)

Our plan is to have a rotating “third wheel” cohost every episode, each of whom will bring a unique perspective (again, as a geek and a dad) to the table. We’ve also already lined up some great interviews and some cool giveaways. So there’s a lot to be excited about and a lot to look forward to.

But this is where it all begins: the introductions. It’s fascinating stuff, really.

For now, you can find the show on Twitter here and on Facebook here. Individually, I’m @theroarbots and Justin is @140JustinC.

Without further ado, here’s episode 1!

In addition to here, the show is currently available on Stitcher and coming to iTunes soon (thanks a bunch, inscrutable Apple procedures).

If you’re going to come along for the ride, welcome! And thanks for sharing the journey!

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5 thoughts on “Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 1 – Introductions

  1. I currently use Downcast for listening to podcasts, but I don’t find this in the search. Is there a feed/URL that I can use to automatically download episodes?

    1. I’m pretty sure Downcast pulls from iTunes. (I use Downcast too.) We’re still waiting for approval from Apple. Hopefully this week! Thanks for listening!

  2. Any possibilities of posting a feed/URL or something? And I know it’ll be a PITA, but is there a possibility of listing all of the Geekdad podcasts up under the PODCAST sidebar link. It currently only shows the main Geekdads & Bounded Enthusiasm podcasts. It does not show the GBBP podcast nor Radio Free Hipster. Speaking of which, come on Z bring on the next Radio Free Hipster please!!!

      1. Jaime, thanks for the response. But not everyone, likes or uses Apple products. RSS feed/URLs are preferred for those, like myself, that would prefer not to use some sort of service to keep track of my podcast listening.

        It’s not like I fear that someone would think poorly of me listening to The Geekdads, followed by Drunks & Dragons and then Hollywood Babble-On. But even still, an RSS feed is helpful to those that do not use the Apple ecosystem.

        Thanks again.

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