A Holodeck for Crickets

Geek Culture

Cricketholodeck03Cricketholodeck03In celebration of National Insect Week, go check out artist Amy Youngs, who creates pieces combining electronics, plants and bugs. They’re amazing! Her blown-glass Holodeck for Crickets encompasses a hologram that changes when the resident crickets chirp. Also check out her Cricket Call, a lush boudoir that lets you talk to the insect inhabitants by phone (with a built-in human-to-cricket translator) while your image appears on the crickets’ tiny TV.

I found Young’s website while researching a program I’m putting together for children’s libraries in my area. This summer libraries around the US and Canada will be presenting activities on the theme "Catch the Reading Bug." I’ll be building Bug Houses with kids, but there’ll be lots more buggy stuff going on near you, so check it out!

Here’s a book I’m hoping to get soon:

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