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Every year, our family tries to move farther away from the Easter Candy Rush. Last year, we started seeing coins in some eggs, and candy in less than 40% of the eggs. While looking for great ways to mix things up, I came across an Easter advertisement from LEGO: Easter Treats Under $20. Sold; totally sold. These products are a great way to minimize┬ácandy in the Easter basket and I’d like to point out my favorites (all of which are under $15).

  • Painting Easter Eggs [40121] This set features two minifigures and a chicken gathered in the kitchen to decorate eggs. There is even a broken egg on the floor! There are many unique pieces in this kit, and at $9.99 it’s a real steal.
  • LEGO Elves Aira’s Creative Workshop [41071] This kit is adorable. The new Elves series has beautifully colored pieces, and is great for girls and boys. This unit features a workshop with a functional drawer and a pet songbird names Pluma.
  • Snowspeeder [75074] This Microfighter kit is great for several reasons. Once assembled, it has a small footprint. It also has few enough pieces that kids can put it together in just a few steps, giving them the satisfaction of putting together their very own Star Wars vehicle.
  • Cherry Picker [42013] This Technic kit can be built two ways! Choose between a cherry picker and a tow truck, and enjoy assembling all the moving parts. This is a great kit for kids who like to engineer their own vehicle builds as well.
  • LEGO Movie Double Decker Couch [70818] This kit features our friend Emmet and four other characters from the movie. I particularly enjoy the bonus kit – Emmet’s car. It’s so darn tiny, you could park it almost anywhere. Just don’t let it roll under the bookshelf!
  • Blue Racer [31027] This Creator series vehicle has some great features. It comes with four traffic cones, and even has a hinged spoiler! It can be built as a race car, a snowplow, or a buggy. This versatility adds value to this small kit, giving kids replayability without breaking the bank.
  • Sand Baseplate [10699] Plates are a great way to make small kits seem larger. Plates are also the best way to preserve finished builds. If your kids (or you) like to build small series, plates give you the option to collect them all onto a single transportable surface. Simply pick up the plate and move the entire kit.

This year, our home will be candy-light thanks to the wonderful folks at LEGO. I just hope someone thinks to put some LEGO cars in my basket, too!

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    1. The price on Amazon seems to be fluctuating vastly. Probably because it’s limited edition. It is currently at $17, and was below $10 before. I’m sure the price will have it’s ups and down, but it’s always good to be a savvy shopper. Thanks, Ben!

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