‘Council of Verona: Corruption’ Expansion Coming Soon

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Image: Crash Games
Image: Crash Games

We are off again on another adventure to fair Verona. This time, Crash Games has provided a new layer to gameplay for Council of Verona with its expansion, Corruption. This 22-card addition was designed by Crash Games founder Patrick Nickell and Council of Verona designer Michael Eskue. Once per turn, the player can add a Corruption card to an already-played Character card. Any Corruption card can be played face down. At the end of the game, the face-down cards are turned right side up, and their effects are applied, unless they are not applicable. Cards with no useful effect are disregarded, allowing for you to use them to bluff. This allows for a whole new level of action and deception.

Image: Rory Bristol
Image: Rory Bristol

There are 21 actions/effects, and one bluff (blank) card. Players are dealt four cards each, and keep two. The rest are returned to the box, and are not used in the game. My favorite cards include:

  • Bribery: Add 1 extra influence spot with a +1 modifier.
  • Extortion: Add 2 extra influence spots with a -1 modifier.
  • Guard: This Character cannot be moved.
  • Develop: The value of all Influence Tokens on this card are increased by one point.
  • Humiliation: Any “5” value Influence Tokens are worth only 3 influence on this card.
  • Disregard: Score modifiers on this card are ignored (including anything added or affected by other Corruption cards).
  • Misdirection: Swap one card on the Council with one in Exile.

As you can see, not even playing a card such as Develop is guaranteed to succeed. Playing it face down could be countered by Disregard face up OR face down. Once played in any way, Corruption cards cannot be taken back. Face down cards cannot be turned over, and if a Character card is moved between Exile and Council, the Corruption cards are moved with the Character. There are no “reaction” abilities. Cards such as Guard must be played face up on the Character before a card such as Misdirection or any other “move” action takes place.

The Kickstarter for this expansion will be released in tandem with the second edition of the Council of Verona, and a number of other surprises from Crash Games.

Crash Games
Crash Games

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the Kickstarter!

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