New Blade Runner Trailer

New ‘Blade Runner’ Trailer for Theatrical Re-Release

Blade Runner Poster
Image: Warner Bros.

Beginning April 3, the British Film Institute will be releasing Blade Runner: The Final Cut in select theaters throughout the United Kingdom. Blade Runner was originally released in 1982 to mediocre reviews. Over the years, however, the film has had great impact on science fiction and its initial detraction has seen a dramatic reversal.

Much of the lore behind the film revolves around the fact that since 1982 there have been seven different versions–and Blade Runner: The Final Cut is the latest of these. It was released in 2007 for the film’s 25th anniversary as director Ridley Scott‘s definitive vision of the film. At the time, though, it only saw a very limited theatrical release.

So if you live in the UK (or will be visiting between April 3 and May 9), this is a great chance to see this seminal science fiction masterpiece on the big screen. But those of us outside of the UK can still enjoy the brand new trailer that BFI has released to promote Blade Runner‘s theatrical run.

The 90-second trailer, which has been approved by Ridley Scott, shows flashes of some of the film’s most iconic moments set to Vangelis’ original score, and it’s pretty fantastic. Blade Runner is one of my favorite films, and, although it’s been a few years since I’ve seen it, watching this trailer really made me want to see it again.

Roy Batty, Blade runner
Image: Warner Bros.
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