Defective Action Figures: Mangled Mimes, Hurtin’ Hipsters, & Busted Businessmen


Instead of throwing them away or stashing them in a big box on a lonely warehouse shelf, a bunch of defective action figures made for grownups have been given a second chance. Head over to Archie McPhee to pick up a bag or three of Busted Businessman (“These one percenters are 99% defective”), Hurtin’ Hipsters (“Certified artisanal and gluten free”), or Mangled Mimes (“looks like some kind of performance art gone terribly wrong”). A bag of 10 of these factory screwups will set you back between $5.95 and $7.50 each.

[By the way: I suspect this menacing unicorn had something to do with the plastic carnage.]



The lesson here: When life gives you damaged goods, write really funny ad copy, and re-market those bad boys.

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