‘The World’s Great Wonders’ Explains the Planet’s Masterpieces

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Image: Lonely Planet
Image: Lonely Planet

If you’re looking for some fantastic background information on the world’s incredible sites and sights, Lonely Planet has another quality book that will teach you the wheres, whens, whys, and hows of 50 of them.

Covering both natural and man-made wonders, The World’s Great Wonders: How They Were Made & Why They Are Amazing goes into great detail across two or three spreads per wonder, each including many facts. Detailing places from the Dead Sea, the Redwoods, and Ngorongoro Crater to Petra, Angkor Wat, and the Large Hadron Collider, readers can learn the history behind them all.

As Lonely Planet does, this book is also filled with gorgeous photos, taking you right into several different parts at each location. There are explanations about what you are seeing, and detailed diagrams showing how they were made or formed, step by step. Each entry explains how to get there and what to do while you’re visiting, but for those of us who are temporarily stuck in armchair traveler status, this book will only feed our dreams.

The World’s Great Wonders: How They Were Made & Why They Are Amazing retails for $18.29 for hardcover and is a wonderful book for anyone who loves travel, geology, geography, architecture, or history. Hopefully this book will encourage its readers to dig even more deeply into how these places were made and their context within the greater world.

Note: I received this book for review purposes.

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