TableTop Guests Battle Zombies – and Each Other – in “Dead of Winter”

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Today, on TableTop, Wil and guests Dodger Leigh, Grant Imahara, Ashley Johnson face the harrowing and horrifying challenges of 2014’s most sought-after game, Dead of Winter. The game, which is unique enough it has a list of descriptors as long as a zombie’s half-gnawed off arm, is a cooperative psychological survival game, with a twist.

The group works together, cooperatively, to win. However, each player has his or her own objectives that must also be accomplished in order for an individual to win. To make matters even more challenging, one of the players is a defector, working against the group’s objective. At the end of the game, everyone can win, some can win, or everyone can lose. It’s a game that messes with your mind.

In the TableTop episode, they play “Too Many Mouths”, a challenging scenario that forces the group to find food to feed everyone, round after round, or starve to death. The colony is filled with lazy people who aren’t really doing much, but must be fed. Kind of like my house around Thanksgiving. Additionally, the group has to fight back the zombie horde and not succumb to frostbite or exposure. Simple, right?

Will Wil be randomly chosen as the defector again in this episode? Will Grant reveal some McDonald’s he’s stored away from all those commercials he’s done? Wil Dodger just survive on coffee? Will Ashley’s experiences as Ellie give her an advantage? Watch and find out how tough it is as Wil, Dodger, Grant, and Ashley battle zombies – and each other – in Dead of Winter.


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