Same Geek Channel Review ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 318 “Tempus Fugit”

Same Geek Channel
Best partners ever, or best partners ever? Source: FOX.
Best partners ever, or best partners ever?
Source: FOX.

Forget the fancy introduction, we’re just going to jump right in.

Corrina: ::happy sigh::

If that’s the last episode of Sleepy Hollow ever, at least the show gave viewers a final confrontation, tied up lingering plot threads, and even supplied a literal group hug at the end.

But I hope it’s not because Sleepy Hollow proved in these last three episodes how entertaining it can be.

Mordechai: Seriously. This was a perfect sendoff, but I don’t want it to be. It reminds me of how Joss Whedon would treat the season finales of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as series finales, just in case. If the show ended here, it would work. But I’d so much rather see more.

Pretty please? Source: FOX.
Pretty please?
Source: FOX.

Corrina: I need a moment to applaud Abbie Mills, who is as fully as awesome as that other non-powered superheroine on television, Peggy Carter. For those who stopped watching the show as it meandered this season, go and watch the last three. Then come back.


Ready! Source: FOX.
Source: FOX.

Abbie showed the rebels how hand-to-hand fighting works in the modern world, showed utter faith in Ichabod even when he didn’t believe her, and never once doubted that she could somehow fix the timeline. All that while still empathic to Ichabod’s grief at the loss of him family.

I would like to formally start the petition proceedings to cast Nicole Beharie as Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel movie.

Mordechai: Hell yes. That would be amazing, and not just for enjoying the rage of racist fans.

Who she could just give this look, right here. Source: FOX.
Who she could just give this look, right here. Or she could give that “you have got to be kidding me look” whenever Tony says something stupid. 
Source: FOX.

About the hand-to-hand scene? I admit, I was dreading it. I was thinking that here, finally, the show would fail me and have Ichabod rescue Abbie from an attempted rape. Instead, the show once again shows that, forget that, Abbie can handle herself.

She’s basically mocking him as she takes him down. Just perfect. Source: FOX.

Corrina:  Not once was I worried Abbie would be rescued. Jenny also ended up rescuing Irving, too. And while Katrina wasn’t rescued, her fate was entirely due to her own actions.

Look at that. Three women with agency and roles in the story. See, Arrow/Flash creative teams, it’s not that hard.

And how adorable was Rebel-era Ichabod watching Abbie’s smartphone videos? How heartbreaking he was as Katrina died in his arms. I admit, I still held out hope Ichabod could save his wife and son by stranding them in the past. But the show is sticking to the “can’t change the past without horrible things happening” theory of time travel.

Mordechai: I loved “slide to unlock”, but I admit to being glad they didn’t drag the Katrina aspect out or plan on doing a second season where they redeem her.

Oh, and how about the deus ex machina of the spell needing time to “set” and Grace Dixon being able to solve it? I’m sneering, but at the same time I’m glad, because seeing Grace and Abbie interact was brilliant.

All the feels, you guys. Source: FOX.
All the feels, you guys.
Source: FOX.

I also loved the scene of Ichabod coming home and realizing that, holy cow, his wife actually is a witch. It was great. Although one wonders why Katrina was taking so long to get that knife in him. Heck, it’s also pretty impressive how long Ichabod stood up to both Katrina and the Horseman.

Still, Abbie gets back and ding dong you know the rest.

Oh! They could bring Katrina *back* as one!
Does NO ONE leave a corpse on this show? Source: FOX.

Corrina: Ichabod immediately believed the facts, not his emotions concerning Katrina. You were worried Abbie would be rescued? I was worried that Ichabod might die in that final scene.

Even if it did end on a close shave. Source: FOX.
Well, it did end on a close shave.
Source: FOX.

What’s left now?

Headless is still out there, somehow, and no doubt blaming Ichabod for the death of his beloved Katrina. Irving is back to normal but does that mean he reunites with his wife or will Jenny/Irving shippers get their wish?

And has Ichabod ever flown on a plane? Because we need to see that.

Mordechai: That is now top on my list of what I want to see in another season.

And yes, I want to see another season. The second half started slow, but the fact is that this is a good show with strong acting and possibly the best written female protagonists of any show on TV right now, genre or otherwise–and the males aren’t too shabby either.

Corrina: Psst… Mordechai, MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER. Add Person of Interest and I’m told The 100 needs to be on that list too. (I may have become aware of the last when my Tumblr feed went insane for the confirmation of a particular ‘ship.) Oh, and that S.H.I.E.L.D. show that’s coming back with Agents May, Skye, and Simmons.

Of course, Peggy is gone now, perhaps for good too. And the one flaw in it is the lack of people of color.

Mordechai: All respect to AoS, but the actresses on that show are just not on the same level as the ones on Sleepy Hollow. And yes, you keep telling me how great PoI is. One day.

Should Sleepy Hollow get renewed, I’d love to see them keep the faster pace that we saw here. Also, the show needs a clear antagonist. Yes, the Horseman of Death is still out there, but let’s not forget that we still have two more Horsemen to deal with. That alone could work. Hell, bring back dead Katrina as one.

Oh who am I kidding? I just wanna see Ichabod on a jet.

Corrina: Or a jet ski. I could settle for Ichabod on a jet ski.

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  1. I loved this finale. I was one of those who left the show some time back but the last couple reviews from you two had me scrambling to watch. It was at times goofy and I could almost hear the writers saying they’ve heard and listened to their viewers and ‘look, we’re going to fix it, just give us another chance!’

    I for one am more than willing to do just that. If the show is renewed in the fall, I’ll be there.

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