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If you enjoy this content, please support our Patreon campaign.
If you enjoy this content, please support our Patreon campaign.

GeekDad is trying to grow this year, and we’re asking for your support via the awesome patronage crowdfunding site, Patreon where fans can help creators by pledging small amounts on an ongoing basis.

And we’re not asking that you give something for nothing (at least not just the nothing of our ongoing blogs and podcasts). No, we have rewards, and we’ve just added two more.

snapdragonsAt and above the $5/month level, you’ll ALSO get a digital copy of Here Be Snapdragons, a collection of the award-winning all-aged comic strip about a group of kids, gaming, and the power of imagination; by Liz Rathke and John Kovalic. That’s THREE FREE BOOKS!

But wait, there’s MORE: also, patrons at the $10/month level and higher will have the special opportunity to participate in a once-a-month special Etch-a-Sketch speed draw by legendary Etch-a-Sketch artist (and GeekDad editor) Jonathan Liu. Each month, you will get to submit a keyword (family-safe only) to Jonathan. He’ll collect all the words, and incorporate them into one super-duper piece of Etch-a-Sketch art, a digital image of which will be sent to you.

Right now we’re just $14/month in support way to our next goal, which is to take the world-famous Hipster, Please podcast to a bi-weekly effort. If you want more cool podcasts from geeky parents, consider helping us out. SUPPORT OUR PATREON.

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