Math App ‘NumberShire’ Adds Up to Learning Fun (Giveaway!)

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Colorful creatures living in an idyllic village facing challenges that only your kids can solve – using math! That’s the idea behind our sponsor, NumberShire.

NumberShire… teaches critical math concepts to kindergarten through second grade students, especially those at risk for mathematics difficulties, through a unique narrative approach featuring endearing characters, fun mini-games and rewards. NumberShire was rigorously tested in an 8-week randomized controlled trial. Students who played the game made significant gains in whole number concepts and skills.

That’s key: NumberShire isn’t just some math app put together by developers without any educational background. NumbeShire is based on tried-and-tested educational principles, and can work as a standalone educational tool (play-at-home version), or be integrated into a classroom setting (classroom version, with a teacher’s dashboard). Features include:

  1. Explicit Instruction, Guided and Independent Practice Opportunities
  2. Adaptive Learning System adjusts the level of scaffolding during game play and provides additional practice opportunities based on students’ educational needs.
  3. NumberShire complements and supports existing core mathematics curricula and can be used as a targeted intervention or whole-class instructional supplement.

There’s actual data available from the pilot program the developer ran with 250 elementary school students, demonstrating the app’s impact on learning. And our good friends at Common Sense Media included NumberShire in their Holiday Gift Guide for educational apps this last season – an incredible seal of approval.

If you like, before you buy, you can even check out a demo of NumberShire!


Featuring over 12 hours of math curriculum, combined with stories, adventures, mini-games and fun, NumberShire is now available for iOS from the App Store.

NumberShire 1: Home is $6.99 and can be used on-the-go without network connectivity. Schools and parents who already have web accounts can get NumberShire 1: Class for free (existing login is required), use it interchangeably with the browser version and access their class data reports through a secure, web-based teacher dashboard.

And we’re giving away four copies of NumberShire today, so enter to win using the form below, and we’ll pick the random winners in 24 hours. Otherwise, just go to iTunes and pick up your copy of NumberShire.


Link to this form if you can’t see it.

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  1. My kids love playing NumberShire! It covers a really deep section of early math content and kids get drawn into it. They love the characters and stories and have a blast getting pets and outfits. They are getting more confident with math and are excited to learn. We started playing it on the website. The iPad version is a great addition.

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