‘Skylanders’ Releases Love Potion Pop Fizz for Valentine’s Day



“Skylanders” has released another great holiday character. This time it is Love Potion Pop Fizz. Rumor is he was working on a raspberry soda when his recipe backfired and what you see is the result. A raspberry pink Love Potion Pop Fizz, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I take him as some sort of modern day Cupid, but with flasks of questionable substances instead of arrows. I’m sure there’s a metaphor here, pairing the Jekyll and Hyde of the “Skylanders” universe with Valentine’s Day, but it escapes me at this hour.

I’ll be out of town at the NY Toy Fair for the real Valentine’s day, so I’m going to pick up a couple as gifts this weekend. This character looks like he may be a little rare, but they are not impossible to find. Amazon has the Love Potion Pop Fizz for about $10 pre-order, there are a bunch on eBay, and Sunday at GameStop I saw about a dozen. Target and Walmart should also stock them.

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