Board game industry grows

Hobby Game Market Continues to Show Tremendous Growth

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Board game industry grows

There’s an article at ICv2 today about the continuing growth of the hobby game market. According to the go-to source for geeky business news, hobby games increased 15% last year, punctuating a sixth straight year of growth.

In specific categories, ICv2 has breakdowns of the most popular games in each category. Settlers of Catan trades wood for sheep in board games, Magic taps the CCG market, Dungeons & Dragons critically hits RPGs, Warhammer 40K sent a cease and desist to the rest of the miniatures category, and Munchkin stabs all other card & dice games in the back.

So, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. Still, it’s great news for the industry as new gamers continue to flock to the hobby and established games continue to sell. There’s always room at the table for one more, so invite some friends over and play more games! Or head over to ICv2 to get the rest of the story.




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1 thought on “Hobby Game Market Continues to Show Tremendous Growth

  1. Surprised to see DnD on top of that RPG list! I’ll be curious how much ground they can regain against Pathfinder. My .02, FATE needs to be at the top, but I still love the classics.

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