‘Dreaming With Jeff’ – The Dude Gets Sleepy

Internet Music

If you are a fan of the sportsball, you may have been watching the Super Bowl this year when a rather off-beat ad for Squarepace (the website host/creation tool) aired, featuring Jeff Bridges, serenading a sleeping couple with some basso-profundo “Om” sounds. The ad exhorted viewers to check out “what Jeff made” with Squarespace by visiting dreamingwithjeff.com.

Adjacent to this, Jeff was a guest this week on The Nerdist podcast (his 3rd time on the show), whereon he promoted his current film, Seventh Son, and in chatting about the album of dream-songs he recorded for the Sqarespace site he created, ended up leading the podcast crew in an amazing om-tastic meditation session.

All this leading to the fact that I think Jeff Bridges is actually The Dude, Rooster Cogburn, Kevin Flynn, and Buddha, all rolled into one.

If you listen to Sleeping Tapes, you’ll either be turned off, or transcend to a new state of consciousness. It’s filled with spoken-word recordings, ambient sounds, and some interesting background music. By the end, you’ll feel like you’ve spent a special day with a deep soul.

Even better, though you can listen to the whole album as a stream on the website, you can also purchase it in a variety of formats, and the proceeds go to help hungry kids get the food they need.

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