‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ – Agent Carter, Falcon to Make Appearances

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The first full original poster for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron has been released, and it’s both awesome and possibly one of the busiest movie posters you will ever see. There’s also the amusing (to me, anyway) fact that they are presumably contractually obligated to show Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr.’s faces, because why else would Captain America and (especially) Iron Man not be masked and helmeted, respectively?

That aside, there are a few items of genuine interest to be gleaned from the poster. First, it’s pretty cool to see Vision flying through the air directly above Hulk’s head, despite his features being obscured by his convenient backlighting. Second – and even better – is the news about the movie’s cast that the poster gives us. A read through the names at the bottom reveals Idris Elba (who has already confirmed his appearance as Heimdall), Anthony Mackie (not a big surprise, as Falcon), and… Hayley Atwell?! Yes, the name of the actress who’s been doing such an amazing job as Agent Peggy Carter (particularly on the eponymous TV show) is on that poster, too.


It’s a bit hard to believe they’d put Atwell’s name in the poster credits if she only appears in a flashback, so that would suggest that time travel is somehow involved. If so, which way? Will the young Agent Peggy Carter from post-WWII New York City find herself in 2015? Or will the modern Avengers be going back to the late 1940s? Either way, you have to think she’d be a bit… surprised to see Steve Rogers alive, well, and young.

Whatever happens, I know one thing for sure, which is that May 1 can’t come soon enough.

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  1. With Scarlett Witch screwing with peoples heads, it is most likely that Cap will see her younger self.

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