10 New and Incredible Kickstarter Gadget Projects This Week

Electronics Kickstarter

Voltera: Your Circuit Board Prototyping Machine
The prettiest desktop circuit-board factory we’ve seen yet.

KegSmarts: The World’s Smartest Kegerator
Tells you about the beer you’re serving and how much is left. Same crew as Zymatic.

The Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience – Education VR
Strap on an Oculus Rift and step into Neil’s shoes.

Light Show – A Billion Shapes Smart Light Puzzle
Remember Rubik’s Snake? This is like that, but with lights and Bluetooth and an app.

RoboCORE: the heart of your personal robot
Jump-start a robot construction project with this heart-shaped box of internals.

Bookniture- Furniture Hidden in a Book
When you’re done with your furniture, fold it up and put it on your bookshelf.

Virtual Reality Motion Platform
From the U. of Maine, a platform that will support 600 pounds and move in sync with a VR display.

YikeBike Undiscovered
More cutting-edge personal transport! Sit on the handlebars of this electric trike.

2400W DC Resonant Charging Bi-polar Tesla Coil
British youth are building a very large lightning machine.

The Shrimp Cloud
Now you can access shrimp anywhere. Follow on Instagram.

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