A car that runs entirely on compressed air.

9 Awesome New Kickstarter Gadget Projects This Week

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OpenROV Trident – An Underwater Drone for Everyone
The exploration-obsessed OpenROV team is back, stepping up its “war on apathy.”

Hoverboard: The Next Evolution in Personal Electric Mobility
Kinda like the Tesla of electric boards. “Ground-contacting sonar.”

Let’s Add a Million Missing Words to the Dictionary
Using machine learning and web text to blow the OED out of the water.

HiddenHUB | Wireless HD Audio Meets Timeless Design
After two slick wireless speakers, these guys have built something more ambitious.

LumiPocket LT: More than a 3D Printer, a Personal Fabricator
Prints, etches, engraves, and doesn’t take up much desk space.

DIY headphone kits
You can customize and print the plastic bits of these headphones at home.

Fe?O? Glyphs – a conceptual, ornamental type system
Ferrofluid plus magnets plus letterpress = hard to explain.

Turtle Mail – A Wooden Mailbox with a Printer Inside
Something like Toymail meets Little Printer (RIP).

Tortoises For Tomorrow: High Tech Helps an Ancient Survivor
Internet-connected toy trucks as guardians for desert tortoises.

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