Geeky Gifts for Wedding Anniversaries Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

Hacking the Holidays

People have always had problems picking out gifts to give each other (or friends and relatives) for wedding anniversaries. At least, it would seem so considering the rather detailed lists that have existed for centuries all over the world to help puzzled gift-givers in their annual purchases. And while there have been attempts to create “modern” lists, they still always seem to be a little out of touch.

That is, until now.

We at GeekDad have taken it upon ourselves to build a new list of wedding anniversary gifts for each year, using the “traditional” and “modern” lists shown at Wikipedia and While we’ve tried to stay true to the spirit of the “legacy” gift suggestions, we’ve tried hard to put a truly geeky, and in some cases futuristic, spin on them.

Year Traditional Modern Geek
1st Paper Clocks Digital Media Downloads
2nd Cotton China MMORPG Gold/Currency
3rd Leather Crystal, Glass Geeky t-shirts
4th Linen, Silk Appliances (electrical) Comic Books
5th Wood Silverware Smartphone
6th Iron Wood objects Board Game
7th Wool, Copper Desk sets/Pen & Pencil sets Tablet Stylus
8th Bronze Linens, Lace Gaming Dice
9th Pottery, China Leather goods Gear Bag
10th Tin, Aluminum Diamond jewelry Tablet Computer
11th Steel Fashion jewelry, accessories Headphones/Portable Speakers
12th Silk Pearls, Colored gems Dedicated Offsite Data Back-up
13th Lace Textiles, Furs LEGO
14th Ivory Gold jewelry Bluetooth Speaker
15th Crystal Watches Laptop
16th Tourmaline Silver Holloware Technical Tools (computer repair, electronics, wiring)
17th Furniture Gaming Console/Accessories
18th Turquoise Porcelain See a Space Launch
19th Aquamarine Bronze Authentic Movie/TV Props
20th China Platinum 4K HDTV
21st Brass, Nickel Attend a Major Genre Convention
22nd Copper Home Media Server
23rd Silver plate Drone
24th Opal Musical Instruments Virtual Instruments/Sequencers
25th Silver Silver Desktop Computer
30th Pearl Diamond Geeky Adventure Travel (Vomit Comet, Arecibo)
35th Coral, Jade Jade Home Hardwired for Gigabit Ethernet
40th Ruby Ruby Off-Grid Utilities
42nd Improved Real Estate Towels
45th Sapphire Sapphire Blue Lasers
50th Gold Gold Near-Earth Space Tourism (Virgin Galactic, Russian Space Program)
55th Emerald Emerald Virtual Reality Gear
60th Diamond (Yellow) Diamond Bionics/Implanted Computing
65th Star Sapphire (Gray) Medical Rejuvenation
70th Temporal Correction (Fix a Past Indiscretion)
75th Diamond, Gold Diamond, Gold Intergalactic Travel
80th Oak Diamond, Pearl Eternal Life (Ascension to Higher Plane, Brain Transplant to Younger Clone)

[And yes, the LEGO Rings are available at Shannon Conrad’s (aka rubygirl) Etsy site.]

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  1. I love the 42nd anniversary one. Not only because towels are a humorous contrast to improved real estate but they help you prepare for your 75th anniversary.

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